Annual report 2015

Annual report 2015
Annual Report 2015
Jaarverslag 2015
Rapport Annuel 2015

Recent News

Sipef increases its interest in
PT Agro Muko up to 95%

06/12/2016 - Sipef group (EN - NL - FR)
Interim statement of the Sipef group (9m/16)
20/10/2016 - Sipef group (EN - NL - FR)

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Sipef group

  • Sipef is a Belgian agro-industrial company listed on Euronext Brussels.
    The company mainly holds majority stakes in tropical businesses, which it manages and operates.

    The group is geographically diversified and produces various commodities, principally palm oil. Its investments are largely ventures in developing countries.

Financial calendar

18/02/2016 Annual results of the Sipef group per 31/12/2015
21/04/2016 Interim Report (3m/16)
08/06/2016 Annual shareholders' meeting
06/07/2016 Dividend payment
18/08/2016 Half year results 2016
18/08/2016 Analyst meeting
20/10/2016 Interim Report (9m/16)